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Orenstein project- our activities

Orenstein project logo- our activities

Or Yehuda


City wide food donation

Meals on Wheels

Cooked meals to homebound

Holocaust survivors and elderly

Food packages for Holocaust survivors and elderly throughout Israel

Soccer program

Meals for children in the soccer program

Daily Youth Centers

Food for teenagers in educational and social programs

Children at risk

Meals for children in educational and sport programs

The "Limudia" (tutoring) Program-Bat Yam

Hot meals in educational programs

"Abu Gida" school

Meals for children of refugees from Eritrea

Youth Theater and Performing Arts

Hot meals for Youth at risk

"Shachar" special education school

Hot meals every day

The Alley Athletes

South Tel Aviv 

Meals for young athletes participating in a professional training program

Halamit Club
Bat Yam

Healthy meals in a day club

Food packages for families in need

Supporting families

Supportive Community for the underprivileged

Volunteers cook hot meals for the needy

Dov Hoz High School

Tel Aviv

Daily breakfast for pupils

"Yahad" elementary school

Food for nutrition program

More activities

May 9th celebration

Holidays packages 2018

Summer camps  2018

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