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Holocaust survivor

Henry: A businessman

The donors

Orenstein Family- Philanthropic activities

Henry and Susie Orenstein, live in the United States, are philanthropists who have devoted their energy and wealth to assist many people in need, in both the United State and Israel.

Henry and Susie Orenstein have helped thousands of New Yorkers pay rent and medical expenses for over 30 years.

In 1984, they contributed to the construction of an 11-story building in Manhattan, New York for needy families named the Leib and Golda Orenstein Building, in memory of Henry's parents.

Orenstein activities- 11story building in Manhattan, for needy families

In Queens, New York, they set up a soup kitchen that resembles functions like a restaurant. Anyone who wishes to enter and eat a meal is invited to enter without having to present proof of his income and economic ability.

Orenstein activities- soup kitchen in new york
another soup kitchen in new york

In 1994, Holocaust survivors from the city of Hrubieszow, Henry Orenstein's hometown, sought to erect a memorial for their loved ones in the cemetery where the Jews of the city were murdered and buried. Henry and Susie Orenstein donated the funds to erect the monument. Avraham Silberstein, Henry's close friend who was also born in Hrubieszow, and lost most of his family in the war, planned and built the monument, which was recognized by the Polish government as a historical site. The monument was built from the remains of tombstones that were used over the years as paving stones for the city streets after being uprooted from the Jewish cemetery.

Orenstein activities- monumemt for jews who were murderd

In 1989, Henry and Susie Orenstein built the Leib and Golda Orenstein Building, in Kiryat Ono Israel, which provides housing for Holocaust survivors.

Orenstein activities- Leib and Golda orenstein building

In 2015, Henry and Susie Orenstein donated funds to the Loewenstein Hospital a rehabilitation hospital in Ra'anana, Israel that specializes in rehabilitating accident and war victims. The Orenstein’s funded the renovation of the spinal rehabilitation department at the hospital. This wing also bears the name of Henry Orenstein's parents. Due to the Orenstein’s generous contribution, the hospital management enlisted the support of the HMOs (Kupat Cholim) and other donors and the hospital is currently undergoing a total renovation.

Orenstein activities- Loewenstein Hospital

Henry and Susie Orenstein view helping disadvantaged populations in the United States and Israel as their mission. In order to further their cause, they asked their Israeli friends, Sarah and Avraham Silberstein, to lead a project that will provide food for the needy

In the picture; to the right- Sara Silberstein, In the middle- the brothers Fred and Henry Orenstein, in the left side- Abraham Silberstein

Henry and Susie view helping disadvantaged populations

Yonit Raviv-Silberstein, the daughter of Abraham and Sara Silberstein, established the Orenstein Project.

The Orenstein Project provides nutritious food to populations in need in different parts of Israel, primarily to children, Holocaust survivors and the elderly. The organization strives to cooperate with philanthropic bodies and authorities to create a synergy to provide food, as well as, added value activities such as extra classes, tutoring, support for the elderly and more.

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