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Activities in Or Yehuda

As part of our vision to provide hot meals and food products on a regular basis to food insecure populations in conjunction with educational, social and cultural activities, since October 2018, we have been in the city of Or Yehuda with youth and the elderly.

Or Yehuda, a city located in the economic and social periphery, was founded in 1952 and absorbed 10 waves of immigration from the countries of the Caucasus, Ethiopia, North Africa and the former Soviet Union.

This city has approximately 40,000 residents, many of the families are supported by the welfare and many of those working earns minimum wage. A significant number of youth work to help their families.

Or yehuda activity
הכנת אוכל באור יהודה

Our activities in the city are spread over 5 youth clubs, 3 seniors clubs, the Branco Weiss High School and the pre-military academy "Erez".

We work in cooperation with the Municipality of Or Yehuda to ensure a pleasant and respectful environment in the social and educational frameworks.

For the youth clubs and the elderly we provide rich and healthy food products to prepare breakfast and dinners.

We provide quality and varied food products to the pre-military academy. Daily cooked lunches are prepared in the academy kitchen by a cook. The homemade and fresh dishes add to the homey feeling in the academy, which serves as the home for the youth for six months a year.

We provide fresh lunches daily for students and staff at the Branco Weiss high school in the city. The joint lunch takes place in the main square of the school, and enables, among other things, well-fed students to have long study days beyond regular hours of study, allowing for tutoring and enrichment classes.

We believe that the meals and the framework given to the youth at various stages will affect their development, training and future direction.

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