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Halamit Club- Bat Yam

The Halamit Club, located in a poor neighborhood of Bat Yam, conducts activities for adults and children who emigrated from Ethiopia. The Orenstein Project provides food products that are used to prepare healthy meals as part of the club activities.
The adult activities take place during the morning hours at which time lectures and various enrichment classes are on various subjects with an emphasis on a healthy lifestyles and various topics related to the Israeli experience and cuisine

At the end of the activity, the adults gather for communal meal consisting of healthy and nutritious products.

In a small garden adjacent to the club, they grow various edible plants, some known to them from Ethiopia and some typical to Israel, which they learned about as part of their nutrition classes.

In the afternoon, the children gather at the club, do homework, participate in various enrichment activities and have a communal healthy and nutritious dinner.

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