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The Shachar school nutrition project


The "Shachar" ("Dawn") school provides special education for children in grades 1-6.

The children in this school exhibit severe behavioral and emotional difficulties and cannot be educated in a regular state educational framework. The behavioral and emotional difficulties compounded by inadequate nutrition, have had a negative impact on their ability to concentrate in school.

Some of the children in this school are from families of a low socioeconomic backgrounds. 

The main goal of this school is to enable those children to return to regular educational frameworks. In each classroom there are no more than 10 children, with 2-3 teachers and other staff.

The Orenstein Project supplies a variety of hot nutritious lunches to the school containing protein, carbohydrates and cooked vegetables, fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, bread and spreads.

Orenstein project- food
Orenstein heart.png

"Shachar" school, Bat-Yam

In addition to the nutritious meals that we supply, the Project requires that the school staff teach the children about table manners, and make the children responsible for table setting, serving, cleaning up, recycling and guide them to share and to conduct a conversation at mealtime.

Orenstein project- Another picture of Nutrition project
Orenstein project- Nutrition project at "shachar" school
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